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About Me:
Education: Master degree in Graphics / Book design. Graduated Vilnius Academy of Arts in May 2007.
Work experience: I have been working occasionally as a storyboard artist in several commercial companies in Lithuania ( No Name, Idee Fixe, Not perfect, In Vitro) for 7 years. In 2005 I had a position of graphic designer in the equipment company Stokker for five month, at the same time I was creating book covers for Vilnius Pedagogical University. 2006 - 2009, I was a designer in the magazine “Musu Girios”.

Since 2009 I am an artist/designer in a printing house “Garsu Pasaulis” (www.gp.lt).
I create packaging and label design, calenders, postcards, stamps, stickers, etc.; as well as design for security press, such as passports, tax stamps, ID cards and other documents.
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Vilnius, Vilnius County, Lithuania