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This is my Deviant Art account, it contains most of my drawings and illustrations.
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About Me:
I am a Graphic designer, I have a degree on Multimedia design, working on a higher degree on Graphic design major.
I have various experiences from my previous freelance jobs, such as t-shirt design, most of my designs sell better than other's designs. Also, I used to work as a Layout Artist, with a writer, to help him design two art books, and they are all published in Vietnam. Moreover, I did some Page design for a local Scout Newsletters.
I love drawing and doing Graphic design works, I can do almost all kind of jobs in Graphic Design field, but traditional illustration is also one of my strongest points. I am very critical on my works, I plan and execute my designs carefully, sort of like a perfectionist, but I am also willing to listen to other people's ideas, all for a better...
Fayetteville, Arkansas, United States