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John Mahomet - Gave 1 kudo
Said "Best of luck to you ;-)" to Judith Barnes
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Judith Barnes - Over 30 days ago
Thanks, John.
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Said "Writing a novel. Editing the first book of another writer."
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Paul Gunson - Over 30 days ago
Good luck! I'm finishing off my own too - I think editing another person's work is also a great way to get perspective on your own.
Judith Barnes - Over 30 days ago
I absolutely agree. What has amazed me is that a new writer will give me a book to edit and it takes my breath away. I edited for a young woman and her talent was so incredible. She was published.
Paul Gunson - Over 30 days ago
wonderful to hear! My cousin is also working on her first novel after winning an online competition sponsored by Simon and Shuster. It must be great to read things that seem mostly formed and don't need too much work!
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About Me:
I have been a professional writer for over 30 years. I have edited other writers' work for the past five years. I also conducted writing seminars/workshops/classes for aspiring writers. I can tear a manuscript apart when it is headed in the wrong direction and provide constructive criticism to get the writer and his manuscript pointed in the right direction. I am incredibly detailed in all aspects of writing from the flow of the manuscript to grammar and punctuation. It is always my goal to move the manuscript from an idea to a successful piece of work.
Pompano Beach, Florida, United States