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Said "I am in the middle of my first writing project, which is comedic peek into the craziness that embodies the criminal justice process. I have written the material, but I need a cartoonist to bring my ideas to life. I need about twenty-five cartoons. I would like to speak to you about price rate and how long you would expect the project to take. Please find enclosed the xtranormal skit that I created more than seven years ago, which gives you some idea of what my current intentions are:" to Joseph Hylick
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John Mahomet - Gave 1 kudo
Said "Best of luck to you." to Joseph Hylick
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T-Shirt Design
About Me:
Joseph Hylick
527 Carlton Drive East
Palmetto, GA 30268
Cellular (404) 375 1805

Graphic Artist/ Illustrator

Oompworks Animation Freelance Creative Director
Interviewed clients to explain design options and formulate specifications for artwork
Improved quality of graphics to address customer issues and requests.
Produced prototypes for client approval and final artwork to meet client deadlines.
Managed aesthetic aspects of publications to ensure quality and consistency.

? Understanding of the requirements of Design Graphics for apparel
? Able to prioritize job request
? Strong work ethic with knowledge of Design and Typography
? Strategic planner of various projects upon completion in a...
Atlanta, Georgia, United States