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A short and simple demo reel of my work. Every short film spliced into this was shot, written, directed, and edited by me.
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About Me:
I started editing videos non-stop over 8 years ago, and started directing/writing/acting not long after. The only two things I know how to do in life is film and art. Cinema is my passion and has been my entire life; I am a perfectionist when it comes to this business and I cut absolutely no corners. I sit down and I do not get back up until the job is finished. Plain and simple. If you have a concept that you want written, a script that you want shot/casted/directed, a logo that needs imagining/designing, or a whole bunch of footage that you wanted tightly edited and finished for you, I will get it done. No ********.

I live in southern CT, which is in very close proximity to NY.
Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States