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Said "Calming Inflamed Waters We forgot the music, in the palm of our hands. We lost our stability, to make all of us able to stand. Give us the strength, To shoot for the stars. To reach out to someone, Asking them how they are? Sharing with the world, All our kindness and peace. When will these wars on Earth, Ever completely cease? So the hatred in the world, Will completely disappear with ease. By, John P. Pierre Evanston IL © 5/14/2015 Dedicated to the World Published on"
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Said "Seen through a Child’s Heart Broken tulips that fell from the sky Drenched in my tears from my eye Heartfelt anger way deep inside of me It will change in time just you wait and see Children playfully holding each other’s hands Certain things in life we aren’t meant to understand The reflection of youth promised us a song If we hear it with a child’s heart We will never again go wrong So hold on to children and they will pull you through There are sunnier days ahead with an everlasting blue By, John P. Pierre Evanston, IL © 5/17/15"
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Said "Changes of the Times The tables are turning just as they do on stage. Just like blurry lines that scroll across the page. I’m just not quite the poet, although I’m not a silhouette. One of my best poems, are the ones I haven’t written yet. So pardon me for crying, or getting mad with you. I promised myself to my emotions I must be true. So tell me now what is there to understand? You better talk quickly I’m sinking in quicksand! What a better way to suffocate. It frightens me the dreading to aspirate. However I prefer layers of duct tape! We don’t have to be extreme to justify the cause, Since doing it this way would be cowardly thus breaking many laws. So drag me to the water along the Gulf Shores As the gulf steam waters forever pour By, John P. Pierre Evanston, IL © 5/18/2015 on"
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In Loving Memory of Daniel F. Pierre Jr.)
A New Day
I’m walking on and moving beyond
Trying to live to with you gone
No laughter or meaning to my life
Nothing on earth just doesn’t feel right
I saw a rainbow in the sky
I felt puzzled I asked God why
He exclaimed I thought you needed a brighter day!
So I sent the sun down and over your way
May it shine now on your face!
You and your family’s tears seem out of place
I long to see smiles hearing laughter from your hearts
A new beginning a place to start
If you need me I’m by your side
It’s pointless to look up in the sky
I promise if you’re good you will ascend
You’ll see your family and friends up there once again
If you live the way that I taught you
Everything I explained will come true

John P. Pierre (Evanston, IL May 09, 2015
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If anyone is hiring looking for a creative pet to writ as a freelance jo, please message me.
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Purified Sands
I heard a great explosions

Across the Long Island sound

If we can't stop these wars in time

We won't be around

I hear children's laughter

It's so playfully sweet

Without them to guide our hearts

We will be incomplete

Let's emerge on anger in water

And dissolve them once more

I can hear our Maker crying

As his tears pours

We can be stronger leaders

Oh Let us not turn to hate

Let's follow the United Nations guidelines

And help the remaining feuding countries consummate

Let's shed tears and laughter with countries across the globe

It's time to exchange our bleeding robes

In for a brighter white

Let's be just like the Milky Way

So high in the Heavens

We'll be forever bright

John P. Pierre

Evanston IL...
Evanston, Illinois, United States