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John Chamberlain - Updated status
Said "My clients and customers the York based 'Six Lips Theatre' were so overjoyed by my work on their promo poster that they returned to use my skills for a second time, in creating a pamphlet for children- which is now in the hands of primary age kids all over Yorkshire and apparently greatly loved."
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John Chamberlain - Updated status
Said "Making a beautiful, colourful large pamphlet with stories and detailed pictures for six lips theatre! They have returned to me for this second commission as they were so happy with what I produced before.."
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John Chamberlain - Updated status
Said "just finished the poster for six lips theatre company!"
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John Chamberlain - Updated status
Said "This Saturday I will be at the Now and Then Vintage event in York making portraits of the public!"
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Portrait Painting
Book Illustration
About Me:
I am a graduate from Edinburgh College of Art,
having studied B.A. Hons in Illustration.

I am trained to produce detailed drawings
and paintings using oils,acrylics, inks, nib pens, fineline pens,
graphite pencils and Japanese brushes.

My inspirations are in portrait paintings, museum trips, old movie posters, European
comics, and documenting the world around me in sketchbooks.
Leeds, Leeds, United Kingdom