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Freelance Technical Illustrator & Landscape Painter


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Technical Illustration
Landscape Painting
About Me:
Boer & Boer specialize in high-technical transparent, exploded views and cut-away illustrations. Give us a blue print, photographs, the actual product, CAD files or your rough concept scribbled on a napkin and we will create a wonderful visual to show your client or your sales force how something works or is put together. We can illustrate the very complicated and detailed to a simple row of “how-to” illustrations.

Our strength is being able to translate a client’s idea or concept and put it on paper, giving your advertising needs a new look to capture the viewer’s eye. We can adjust our style to fit your need – creating the look of airbrush, water color, ink with color, pencil, etc. We actually UNDERSTAND what we are drawing. Most of our work is done on the computer using Illustrator,...
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