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Joe Carvalko - Added portfolio item
Hi, I am a 3d visual effects artist with skills in 3d modeling, animation, motion graphics and visual effects. I have produced work for film, industrial and patent designs, architectural viz, museum animations and music videos. I typically use Maya, Studio Max, After Effects, Premier, Realflow, Syntheyes, Photoshop and Particle Illusion. In Maya and Max, I have skills in 3d modeling, animation, particles, lighting and texturing for realism. In After Effects, I have skills in rotoscoping, keying and compositing, particles, tracking, motion graphics and vfx. Please visit my website listed to view my 3 reels ( 3D, VFX and Character Animation ). Thank you for your time, Sincerely, Joe Carvalko
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3D Animation portfolio item
Joe Carvalko - Over 30 days ago
I am 3D Motion Graphics Artist.
I have skills in 3d modeling, animation, visual effects and motion graphics. I typically use Maya, 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, After Effects, Premier,Particle Illusion, Syntheyes, and Nuke.
In After Effects, I have experience in bringing in Photoshop assets into AE for further animation. I have skills in rotoscoping, keying and composting, tracking, particles (including particular), 2d motion graphics and 3d camera moves. I have also done keying and compositing, roto, and tracking in Nuke. I typically use Nuke for compositing render passes from Maya.
In Maya, I have skills in polygonal modeling, animation, lighting, rendering and texture. I can produce realistic renders including cg to live plate integration using correct lighting and HDR environments (or sun/sky environments) with Mental Ray rendering. I have a solid understanding of the principles of lighting such as incorporating 3 point lighting techniques with additional bounce and fills. I have experience producing render passes to be used in compositing in other post applications such as Nuke or After Effects. I have solid animation skills including character animation and I can utilize the principles of animation (such as squash and stretch, staging, follow thru, arcs, timing and others to name a few) in my work to keep it believable yet entertaining and lively. I can work fluently in the graph editor for animation refinement. I have UV experience and have an understanding of building shader networks in hypershade in Maya. I typically build textures in Photoshop although I can also build procedurals in Maya’s hypershade. Additionally in Studio Max, I have particle skills including FumeFx for pyrotechnics and Afterburn.
I have used After Effects together with Maya to produce vfx, motion graphics and animation for music videos, short film, corporate meetings, industrial and legal animations and museum animations.
I am a graduate of Animation Mentor for Character Animation in Maya, Escape Studios for Visual Effects in Production using Maya, Photoshop, Nuke, PFTrack and ZBrush, The Digital Film Academy for digital film directing, shooting, lighting and editing and also the 3D Training Institute for 3D Studio Max modeling and animation. I currently attend Full Sail University (online) for Computer Animation.
I look forward to speaking with you regarding this great opportunity. I am available for work now. I am attaching my resume for your further review.
Please visit my website listed below to view my online reels (3D, VFX, Motion Graphics and Character Animation) available as Vimeo links as well as tabs on the side to see other work I’ve produced.
Thank you for your time,
Joe Carvalko
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Joseph R. Carvalko
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Escape Studios
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Animation Mentor
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Digital Film Academy
Directing, Filmmaking, Cinematography
Digital Editing in After Effects
New York, New York

3D Training Institute
3D Studio Max modeling and animation,
New York, New York

FXPHD and CG Society
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