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USA - USA - for this program. Youth Arts Arise is a little different than the other two programs. Like Visual Arts Week, it is for children between 11 and 16, and it also be made up of 2 hour and 30 minute workshops (from August 20th to 24th). However, for this program we are looking for a project that will be completed over 5 consecutive days (either mornings or afternoons). The goal should be to give an immersive experience in a specific medium, or to complete a large project (for example, painting a mural... visual arts mediums, but we are accepting a few proposals for performing arts workshops. Visual Arts Week is an arts education program that introduces participants to different aspects of visual arts such as drawing, painting, sculpting, and more, in 10 half-day sessions for youth ages 11-16 years old.Each session is 2 hours and 30 minutes long, and should function as a stand alone workshop. The program is scheduled for the weeks of August 13th to 17th. We are only accepting visual arts proposals...
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