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Kemah, TX - "Exview Unlimited" is hiring Caricature Artists at our art shops located at the Kemah Boardwalk! If you can draw, want to learn something new then this the job for you! This is the perfect job for high school or college students! Our operating hours are part-time weekends (Friday- Sunday) through spring and fall - full time during Summer. This is the perfect opportunity to get paid doing something you love in a fun and a relaxed entertaining atmosphere! Requirements: -Must have reliable... transportation to and from the Kemah Boardwalk. -Must be able to draw and have a general understanding of facial anatomy. -Must be open to learning (Limited training is available) -Must be willing to smile! Having a courteous attitude is a must! Please call Mr. Roberts a.s.a.p (between 11 & 6 PM Monday through Friday) to set up an interview today - Please have samples of your work ready for review upon your interview. (Samples can be anything that lets us know the level of your skill.) Good caricature...
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