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Chicago, IL - Faces in Focus is Chicago's only locally owned and operated live art retail operation. We are a 20 year old, home grown Chicago caricature and face painting company owned and operated by Chicago artists. Proudly calling Navy Pier -Chicago's porch- its home, it boasts the Midwest's greatest caricature and illustration talent. Requirements Skills & Qualifications: Faces in Focus is currently looking to hire a caricature artist to work at our Navy Pier location.... We are looking for someone with these qualities: -Punctuality -Professionalism - Lives in Chicago or Suburbs (if applicant lives in burbs, they must have a way to get into the city in a timely fashion) -Ability to write invoices and do paperwork -Ability to accurately draw the human face -Previous caricature experience is preferred The artists we work with are independent contractors and must have a business bank account and business name that we can write checks to. If the applicant has neither account nor name...
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