Looking for a creative fashion illustrators to draw up to 25 designer collection for a new clothing line. I will pay 5 dollars per design. Also the thought up design and ideal i will credit to the illustrator. May hire up to 5 designers.

The name of the Design is Hebrew Sheba (copywrited). In a world filled with lustful, and tasteful clothes that downgrade womankind, it's time to resurface for a new clothing that shows women naturally beautiful countenance instead of all her contents. The look has to be a mixture of old Hebrew essentials and a African blend line. The design has to have a fashioned hat or beautiful hair covering, drenched in Modest apparel, and beautiful sandal on her feet. Can't be Americanize (Revealing clothing) but a back to basic look from old days with a modern day feel. Something that would make a woman feel wanted, as appetite of love, instead of an adrenaline for ****** favors.

If you feel you could could illustrate a Queen line fit for Sheba and women then you are my person of interest. Also each drawing has to have a back, front, side to side drawing and colored.