I am looking for an artist to create an image of a standing raven as he holds from his beak, an antique pocket watch by its chain. The lid of the pocket watch is open, and you can see some of the roman numerals on the face of it. The raven need not be highly detailed. Depiction of the raven should suggest something dark and ominous while still appearing elegant and almost regal or proud. The watch must look like it comes from the 1860’s. I see the raven as being not as clearly defined as the watch is, except for his eye. The overall image must be dark. The watch must be clearly identifiable as such in contrast to the raven. Background should be plain with no other recognizable objects- a vague suggestion of shadows in a dark environment or nothing but a white or off-white background with ink splatters is fine. Image will be used on social media websites to suggest the content of an unpublished, fictional novel.