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We are currently seeking an accountable creative individual interested in developing a new product logo, branding and image. Need proven experience in package, print media and promotional design. We are in a preproduction bidding stage of a retail product to be marketed to medical healing arts practitioners, retail stores, online www, and hope to get the attention of SkyMall, Sharper Image, Bed Bath and Beyond, Boutiques, Resorts etc. We have hired a product design and engineering firm to complete prototype and we are ready to order preproduction prototypes for evaluation. Brand Logo will be required to further this process.

This is a unique and exciting opportunity requiring step by step development from the ground up where creative experience can influence the success of product and brand recognition. Interested agents need to demonstrate competence by responding to this post in a manner that will win the interest of our team. Please consider demonstrating to us a budget approach for this may demonstrate your experience. Agent must be willing to sign Non-Disclosure agreement to further any presentation of any, but not limited to, products, intellectual properties, trademarks, patents, and concepts .

Our company will be launched from Sarasota Florida as a test market base, assembly, and distribution point. Thank you for your interest, This post is entered 12 March 2012