The posters of this task are an artist group, their producer and label. Said parties are searching for powerful and convincing voice-overs for a good handful of war speeches in a hybrid Warrior/Sci-Fi back-story.

Ideal voice types range from warrior-like, deep and burly to monotone, sinister and higher in timbre. (Female voices may not be needed but there is no certainty as of yet.) Depending on your versatility, we could need you for one to nearly fifteen short speeches.

Good equipment is priority one. We use a Shure SM7b for this album's other vocals. Matching its quality in the speeches would be more than ideal. Any DAW and/or recording interface will do, provided they export to .WAV quality that sounds clear and not lossy. We would need only raw vocal signal, so refrain from any sort of compression, EQ or voice effects. That only makes your job easier, so that shouldn't be a problem.

Great and powerful voice with convincing emotion is priority two. We will provide two separate audition speeches with detailed information about the character you are portraying for each. Record a voice-over for one or both of these and we'll be in contact about pay rates and instructions for the job if we'd like to use your specific talent!

------------CHARACTER/SPEECH #1------------
Character Info/Motivation: Your name is Cocidius. You stand today on a battlefield. An entire group of muscular, wounded warriors awaits your word, clad in primitive iron plating and wielding crude wooden and metal melee weaponry. You are looked upon by them because you do not falter. You are steadfast, even in the face of the most daunting challenge, and today your mighty presence is truly felt by not only your weary soldiers but also the trembling opposition just hundreds of yards away. You raise your weapon high to give your words before the final attempt at banishing the enemy from invading your lands and slaying your family and friends:

The Speech:
"We are the bringers of Light, and now we march to our final victory...
...So rise, despite your wounds, for one last resistance... we'll push our enemy back to the slums from whence they came!
...And Gods will merge with our spirit! In their favor, we stand immortal!
...We are the Ironclad, with hearts of fire, and we have suffered no loss!"

------------CHARACTER/SPEECH #2------------
Character Info/Motivation: Your name is Xa. Today you are broadcasting to an entire army of cybernetics-enhanced humans. A grand invasion occurs on this early morning, and even the soldiers at your command who have body-heat regulation modules installed cannot control their shivers due to both the biting cold in the morning air and the overwhelming apprehension that this invasion may not be as much of a turkey-shoot as their leader plans. You see their wavering thoughts as a sign of weakness and lack of faith in your command. You are relentless and unyielding in your confidence for victory. You quickly snap them out of their cold, fearful trance with words sharper than the ice shards that will soon fire from their rifles:

The Speech:
"Extropians, quell your fears!
...The MechaGod will guide us through what is now full scale war!
...Hold your ground, and keep your faith in our destiny! We have been chosen!
...They will lay dead, and we will outlive!
...Rising to the next world to conquer again and again!"