I'm a writer with a good not crazy imagination, I have characters I developed. I am very fie-nite I only stick with Iconic characters, I also make original abilities. This is more of a business opportunity, after a comic is finished one would sell them at game stores and comic stores. I believe with a good artist I could give most other comics a run for their money and eventually become as big as dc and marvel, this is big talk, profits would come eventually. But to be realistic one needs to create a fan base. The funds would first go to making more comics and then split 50/50. Willing to use Artists characters and sit down with development. Honestly a lot of characters need tuning, so they don't get crazy or become the only character or unable to relate to. Sorry no real money, but if you have passion you might want to see if we're compatible. Early Comics had it easy they could make abilities without copyright problems so if any other comic companies are going to grow I think they would need someone like me.