Looking for talented artists to promote through our site We run a monthly Featured Artist, where the artist get's paid royalties based on sales along with a few free shirts with their designs on them.

What's all involved?

Creating 3-5 designs that you keep the rights to, and we sell and give you royalties for.
Sitting through an interesting interview with our writer.
Telling us a little bit about your designs.
Taking a wonderful picture of yourself.
Then sitting back and getting some free exposure (well... actually you get paid.)

What do you get?

Besides two free copies of your design printed on t-shirts, you will also be paid royalties off of your shirt sales.
You will have a "AoM" (Artist of the Month" page that will feature any sites or projects that you will, have or are working on (ie. personal website, FaceBook page, Company you work for, Gallery you've done shows at, dancing cats, LinkedIN, etc.)
This page will stay on our site for the life of our business (unless something bad happens) giving you some exposure to the world.

There are more details to the overall job, but they are all minor or specific. If you are interested, or would just like to hear more about the program, please email me!

Thank you,

(BitB Crew)