You are: Artist, photographer, or graphic designer with outstanding communication skills and experience designing and creating e-book covers as well as cover flats for printed books.

The project: E-book cover and cover flat design for a contemporary romance novel.

Details: Applicants with suitable portfolios and experience will receive specifics and sample images via email, and may submit a written and/or visual proposal of how they would approach the project. Hiring for the project will be based on these proposals. May be done with your own photo shoot, with manipulation of stock photos, or an original illustration. Will most likely include representation of the novel’s hero and heroine, but may also be a creative collage or other display of images that represent the essence of the story.

Note that the price listed is a base rate. I routinely pay in excess of that number for exceptional work. Deadline is flexible, but I like to communicate regularly with artists with ideas, questions, or requests for status updates. I like options, such as, “would you prefer this or that?” This will be a collaborative effort, where I provide my vision of my characters and setting, and you provide the artistic vision that will represent this to the readers.