I have a Crossword Puzzle book that I give to individuals in Alcohol and Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Facilities throughout Southeast Texas.
In order to pay the high cost to print these books to give away, I include and sell Full Page Color Ad Space in my book to various Service Providers such as, but not limited to: Sober Living Communities, Lawyers, Substance Abuse Counselors, Employment Agencies etc., etc.
I need a Website to accomplish two primary objectives.
First, it must demonstrate through an interactive "Flip Book," on the "Home Page" just how a "Vendor's Ad" would appear among the pages of the book.
Secondly, we need to provide a means by which a "Vendor can Place an Order" (Reserve Ad Space) in the book.
I need:
1. A "Home Page" (with a Flip Book)
2. An "About" section that describes our mission (which could also include, the specific kind of Vendors we are seeking and their numbers. That information is contained in my zip file)
3. "Advertising Specs" Page
4. An "Order Page"
5. An "Out of Ad Space Notice" for when all Ad Spaces have been reserved. Something that might say: "Were sorry, but all our Ad Spaces have been Reserved at this time. Please add your contact information to our waiting list and we will let you know immediately when Ad Space becomes available. And lastly,
6.A Contact Page.
The Zip File will be sent later.

*Note: Included in the zip file are a few images depicting individuals in group settings. They were not included to necessarily be used, but as an example of a possible "faded Backdrop" to any of the Site's Pages, where appropriate.