1. You will produce two 1 Point Perspective drawings, each 11 x 14
The first will be a pencil perspective drawing and will include a horizon line and a vanishing point. Constructional lines should be visible. The second drawing will be in ink and done using the perspective drawing as an under-drawing guide to locating lines in your interior.

2. Using a black, not gray, felt tip pen or similar, produce 5 different grey scales using density-controlled techniques. The scale should start with black, end in white, and have no harsh transitions. -Each scale should measure px. 25mm x 130mm

3. Negative Space Exercise #1
The Strings - Materials
• a 10-inch string (a necklace or earbud cords will do.)
• Felt tip pen
• Bond Pad
• Penci

Measure off a 2-inch square at the top of your page. Think of this as the ‘stage’.
• Draw four 3-inch squares in pencil.
• Position your string on the ‘stage’ so that it overlaps all four sides.
• Try for a minimum of 8 negative shapes per study
• Draw the negative shapes in ink in the square.
• Change the position of the string and repeat for a total of four studies

Negative Space Studies #2
Still Life
• Create a still life of overlapping objects lying flat on a square. Choose objects that
have negative space or ‘holes’. (scissors, fork, whisk etc.)
• Draw the negative shapes created.
• Try your best to not draw the edge of the objects, instead, try to draw the nameless
negative space between the objects.
• Try four different studies, until it becomes comfortable and the negative shapes
become easier to see, submit your best one.
• Try for a minimum of 10 negative shapes
• Remember your shapes should never touch each other

Negative Space Studies
• You will produce two negative space studies, the Strings and a Still Life.
• You will create many varied negative shapes in your subjects compositions.
• You will render the negative shapes as independent, not touching anything
• You will use confident contour lines to describe edges.
• You will create a challenging Still Life with a minimum of ten negative shapes/
• Both of these studies will be done in ink with no underdrawing
Please contact for more descriptive files and instructions