I am looking for a audio editor.

It is a phone conversation between 2 people that was recorded via app. The audio from person A is very loud and the audio from person B is very low, barely audible.
I need an audio editor to increase the volume and quality of person B in order to match person A. I'm in a constant battle to increase the volume so I can hear person B and then have to quickly lower it because person A is making my ears go deaf from the screaming loud voice.

This audio file is less than 5mb in size and about 45 minutes in length - the quality is not the greatest.

If you are able to do this task, please let me know with the price..

I would also like a small sample of the corrected audio, 3-4 minutes only to confirm the quality.
Please let me know your price and time required to complete such a task. I would give preference to contractors that can complete this task sooner than later.

And please also confirm you will be able to provide a sample audio to confirm the quality.