Hi, we are the creators of the Ebike Conversion Kit that turns any bike into an eBike

Here is our original Crowd Funding video that has had over 30M views:

The objective of this initial project is to re-create the first 20 seconds of our UK video, but with an LA backdrop, American Actors, and subtle tweaks to make it more appealing to an American audience. Our company converts regular bikes into electric bikes.

Phase 1:
To select the right crew to work with, we would like to commission a low budget Demo video, with the following specs:
3 x static ‘ This is a Swytch Bike’ shots in different locations
Hire and film one actor delivering the lines
Use the same bike for all the shots in the demo
Find some famous landmarks or well known areas for the 3 locations
Use a dummy cycling luggage bag in replacement of a Swytch kit
We are looking for a focus on framing, location and delivery

Stretch Goal
Any extra locations
Shots filmed from a car of a cyclist delivering the line ‘Any bike can be a Swytch Bike, you just need a Swytch kit’

Phase 2:
Subject to approval of the demo video, we will the proceed to finalize the following details and produce the final video, replicating the video on slide 2 to a higher standard:
- Confirm actors
- Confirm locations (based on examples in the demo)
- Confirm final bikes to feature in the video, fitted with our kits