I am looking for an illustrator or cartoonist who can replicate my cartoon character (I own copyright and full ownership over it) and make him in various positions and actions, but in this style as already is.

E.g. I want to see him smoking a cigar, drinking whiskey, in front of a red Ferrari.

This is a long term project, so I will not need only one piece of art but many of them.

I'm exclusively looking for a cartoonist/illustrator that can provide me one piece of art (best would be my cartoon character smoking a cigar, drinking whiskey, in front of a red Ferrari.) so that my business partner and I can see if you actually fit our needs or does not.

We have hired 2 cartoonist via other freelancer platforms where they were promising us they can draw in our style what we need. But once they delivered us art, we saw this is not we are looking for and that they have totally different style.

That's why we will not hire anyone before we see our character in action under your pen.

Here is how our character looks like:

Our project is related to watch industry, so it is very important that our character always have watch on his wrist.

Let me know if you need any additional information.


NOTE: Sketches, Arts where you will prove to us that you have style we need will not be paid! Feel free to add any watermark over it.

Also, we are looking someone on full or part time. Or if you would like, to join us as partner on our project and get % of profit. Of someone need website, our developers could make it for you in exchange for your drawings for one month.

But first, let's see if your drawing style fits us and then we can speak about salary or partnership.
Our Cartoon Character!