Hello, my 18 year old son will be studying animation at university beginning September 2022. He is working on an animation at this time, and would like to learn to use ToonBoom Harmony and a Wacom pro small drawing tablet. I am looking for someone who can tutor him for a few sessions over the coming weeks. We live outside of Dundas, ON. I would prefer someone who is willing to come to our home and tutor him on his own equipment (can move him/the equipment to my office in downtown Hamilton if necessary). We are both double vaccinated!!
Owen has only previously worked on free online animation software (flip a clip, and others).
also, I just put in a price because the site requires it, but i really don't know how much we'd spend, as I expect that we'd have someone come for a few sessions - perhaps a couple to just acquaint him with the hardware, and then a couple while he is taking the ToonBoom Harmony Fundamentals course, which he is starting this weekend.