Rio Rancho Studios is looking to hire an artist to create original posters for a few of our upcoming promotions.

-Original posters featuring the main characters from each novel/film concept.
-A consistent style amongst all posters, while maintaining the unique mood and tone of each novel/film concept.
-We are a big fan of the old posters from Hollywood's Golden Age, as well as the posters for Jaws, Jurassic Park, Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, and even Titanic; we are also open to any style you would like to propose as well.
-The posters would feature the main character prominently, as well as at least a couple other supporting characters (references will be given to the artist).
-We want these posters to be iconic...let's see what you can do!
-The pay is negotiable and we are known for always paying our contractors on time, and at the agreed upon price-always!
-Please propose a style, some examples, and a rate you are looking for (per poster).

We look forward to hearing from you.
Screen Shot 2021-08-31 at 8.59.20 AM.jpg
Here is a non-movie poster that we really love the style of.