Due to the last artist not working out I am reposting this-

I am writing a book for Corwin entitled "The School of Hope" featuring the power of Hope Psychology and how it can be used in school to help boost achievement, motivation, and assist those with trauma start healing.

I am looking for someone who has experience illustrating with the style of drawing comics and using a two-color process (black and yellow).

To help you visualize a project that has a similar design feel here is a link to We Got This by Cornelius Minor:

Due to the nature of the project, I would like to hire someone to do the cover art and chapter art at $200 a piece (1200 total). However, I do not want to hire someone for the whole project until I see if your style works with what I need for the cover. I have some mock-ups to go off of, but I need someone with graphic design skills and comic art skills. I want the cover to be a school with people on a path to school. The sun should be rising and it should cause the school to glow. The school should also say HOPE. The chapter art should feature different scenes in the school that will use acronyms for the chapter to act as a preview of what the chapter is about. I want the book to have a comic-like feel, but also be graphically pleasing and feature how gaining hope is part of the mental health journey to healing and success.

This project means a lot to me as my own adopted children were abused and hope psychology helped them heal when we adopted them. This book features everyday practices for teachers to help students find their strengths and feel like school is a place that can help. I am contracted to finish the book by August, but I want to find a designer/illustrator now to work with for the whole project.