Hello, I have an agent interested in my graphic novel. Teen Detectives set out to find Missing Bodega Cats in New York City.
Need: Ten pages of art work - could even be sketches
Style: Camp/Noir
When the adored six-toed Greenwich Village Deli-Cat, Guava Girl, goes missing, Laura Fabricant, a 14 years-old movie star enthusiast enlists her twin, Gabe, and his best friend Rex, who is totally in love with Laura, to solve the crime. As they investigate the neighborhood bums, bullies and bigots, a “beyond the grave,” Guava aka (Deli-Cat-Ective), channels Laura. Not everyone is happy about Laura’s nine lives crime solving skills. When it turns out that Rex is deeply enmeshed in the case, Laura has to figure out whether he is a friend or a foe.