I need help creating colored drawings of a variety of lights such as bathroom lights or wall sconces. I can provide the basic outline, styles, shapes and overall information, but need a good artist to be able to fill in all the details and make it realistic enough to make prototypes from. It is a combination of graphic design with lots of artistic expression and coloring. I can provide pictures of similar items, the texture I am looking for and other information to complete the work. The attached jpegs are for a track lighting head design that is pretty intricate but typical of what I am looking at for much of the work. The job will definitely be a working relationship with rough outlines, revisions and idea exchanges before a final product. On the plus side, there is no immediate time frame to get the job done, so if it takes a month, that is just fine.
close up of texture and design
western leather resin details.jpg
overall look of part texture
sample leather head.jpg
very rough overall view of track head