We are Interior Icons ( and we exist to make mid-century designer furniture accessible to all. We sell a range of mid-century furniture and lighting to the US market with a focus on high quality and excellent design. 

We are currently looking at setting up a studio on our warehouse in Sumner, and want to shoot product videos of 30 of our products. These videos would be 10-15 seconds final edit with 3-6 shots, no sound or graphics needed.
We are aiming to shoot at the end of May. Our head office is based in London and at least one of our team will be present at the shoot. 
We are looking for a cinematic style, and plan to have models/extras interacting with these pieces to show scale and detail. 

If you are interested, we would love to discuss this project with you. Ideally, we would like to know what your price would be for two days of shooting, and if you would be able to provide your own lighting and video equipment. 
We would also be interested in whether you could provide editing of these videos, although this is not essential. 

These videos would be used on our product pages, with a possibility of future social media use. We are entirely US based, and these would be web-only usage. 

If this sounds like a project you would like to work on, please get in touch and I can provide any further information you need.