My novel DNA is a fantasy, the character is the lead and his combined attributes will be challenging. My Emperor stands 8ft.3inches, more than 600lbs his massive humanoid/feline body, starting with his head. A mass of platinum dreded ringlet curls trail on and around his giant shoulders.His face a combination of human/ feline/alien attributes include a humanoid head, a defined widows peak, but his face plane is wide similar to the african lion his nosebridge is wide like a lion high cheekbones but, with full lip definition.My emperor's eyes are copy felines with dual color, his silver/mettalic blue orbs have the focus of a predator. I need a full-size rendition for the creation of a professional lifesize form. Because i created these aliens and the lower extremities this project will challenge your abilities. My emperor's entire upper body is very muscular, with corrugated muscles. Beginning at waist, his long muscular thighs appear feline in shape and function. His pivoting ankle and feet resemble a cat's . I need the complete body.