College recruiting in these COVID times requires the submission of lots of video footage of high school athletes. We would like to hire someone to capture footage of our son playing, practicing, and training. He plays in tournaments on weekends. He has a pitching and batting Coach where good practice footage could be captured. Workouts at a Sports fitness center he goes to can also provide more good footage.
There is also a "Baseball Factory" assessment tryout coming up on 4/18/2021 that he will be attending that would be good. Only 10 kids will be there so lot's of focus on his skills being demonstrated. So, there are many places, times to be captured here in the Tampa Area. Can pay by the hour for both shooting and editing. A nice ongoing job that can provide hours through the end of this year and into Spring of next year. We can start off with a few events and see if it works for you and for us. Together our goal is to create some great recruiting videos to send out. I know a few other players parents who would also like their kids to be videoed also, so you could have multiple clients you are shooting at a single event. I don't have a good number to put in terms of amount for completion of the job because this can go into next year and could be multiple boys so I am putting in $1000.