I am looking for someone in Colorado that can do some children’s book illustrations for me. This is going to be a couple series. The first series is about a camel and a bird and the second series is about two dogs .
Each image is a regular illustration with one real quality, Example page one shows an image at a zoo the mountains in the background are real while the rest is normal illustration, the cover is a normal illustration but the pyramids in the background are real. Each book will be on average 18 pages long and the series will go on as long as possible, so this is a long term project. If you are able to do that as well everything is written I need it added to the images. It’s a kids book so I have on average three sentences per page. It would be nice to find someone that could do all of it. Pricing is negotiable and to be discussed.
You need to be good at drawing camels and birds in multiple positions because they will be on excursions. Please submit to me an example of your camel and cockatiel.