This is ultimately 3-jobs-in-1 but what's most important is that we connect with a designer who understands our business, our target market and has the design skills to do credit to our brand.

Our website is built to develop the upcycled art industry. We act as a concierge service to artists helping them to run their business so that they can focus on their art and we market to consumers who might be interested in buying their art.

Keywords are; upcycled, art, environmental, sustainability, working together

and we are focusing on high-quality artwork from professional / semi-professional artists rather than hobbyists.

Here's what we need:

1) A new logo.

2) Banners for Social Media Accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Although you may need to create some layers using photoshop it'd be great if you can compose these using glorify so that we can easily edit it in the future and extend the brandkit to other creatives too. Most of these banners can be similar but scaled and tweaked for the appropriate dimensions.

3) We have a nice theme for our website and it comes with attractive placeholder images. These look great but they are not relevant to upcycled art. We'll be asking you to create replacement images for these. This will involve searching for alternative images and basic editing.

We are hoping to have this work completed within a week. After that there will certainly be further work available plus the opportunity to work as part of our team to offer graphic design services for our artists too.


Shortlisted candidates will be invited to a video interview so we can show you our site and current logo and you can give us your feedback and ideas as to what you like and dislike about it.

This may begin as a 1-time payment but would prefer to hire you per-hour in the future.