Hello. My name is Sara and I am hoping to fulfill my dream of publishing children’s books centered around the life of my wonderful cat Caboodle. I believe every children’s book has some sort of lesson in it. So, this is something I’m trying to accomplish in these books.

Adapting to a new family (when I adopted him)
Adapting to change (when we moved from Indiana to California)
Adapting to different-looking friends (Scootie the white dog stays the night)
These are some of the themes of the drafts I am working on. Those are not the titles, just the idea behind each.

The name is undecided yet but, as of now, I’m working under “The Adventures of Caboodle.”
Everything is very early in this process but I am desperately looking for an illustrator to take this journey with me. Once the photos are to our liking, I am determined to publish. This is something I have dreamt of for years and just need a good partner to take a leap with me. The books are fun and filled with love and charm.

Please reach out if you are interested. I’d love to chat.
Caboodle and a couple of his friends