"The Fearheartz" is about a gang of reluctant eco-terrorist animals from "The Forest" that begin a revolution against the humans of "The City" 108 years after their land was taken by force and had a megalopolis built upon it. Imagine "The Wire" meets "Final Fantasy 7" meets the latest "Planet of the Apes" trilogy.

This is a great opportunity.

The script of the first episode is complete, under copyright and has undergone development from working screenwriters. We are seeking an artist for that episode. Potentially just 5-6 pages and a cover so that we can submit to Image Comics, whom we think we have a real shot at attracting.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing some of your work. Also, yes there are anthropomorphic animals and a fantasy world, but this is not a cartoon. Imagine the furthest thing from a cartoon and this is closer to that.