Provide a UI/UX design that will be used by full stack developers working on different components of the website/web application.

Collaborate with end client to lead the effort define the user experience. Must have multiple end to end UX/UI website design references that is reflected in their digital experience portfolio.

Experience delivering designs and approaches to design wireframes using their own application such as AdobeXD, JustInMind, Sketch, Miro, UXPin, FluidUI, Cacoo, ProtoShare or other visual high end design and wire-framing tools

Ability to work with non-technical users to ensure clarity and achievable design and that feature requirements are met.

A deep understanding of the role HTML/CSS/JavaScript, templating systems and JSON over HTTP have in building web applications.

Must have extensive experience designing websites that leverage SQL and NoSQL databases and Content Management Systems in addition to understanding the tradeoffs between using one or the other to store structured and unstructured data.

Not expected to code; however, is cognizant of the front-end developer skills and deployment environment and the trade-offs of some of the choices made.