Some base themes, and characters, but a variety of artwork will be needed unrelated to the characters story. Quick paced collaborative effort (online meeting) as the novel unfolds and artist pick drawings to do which appeal to their creative ability. Support and interact with other like-minded artist in a relaxed creative session. Then break away to finish your chosen pieces later. Return and share and be amazed at what your peers accomplish with unique interpretations of the concepts in our Novel. Artistic variety is encouraged. Reasonable base rate per hour plus bonus for finished pages or items selected for completion later. We are looking for speed (i.e. interior comic book quality, not cover art detail) To join the sessions and choose your work for hire, please apply for job for consideration. If you are invited to join, your first hour is guaranteed (based on rates and experience as agreed). Opt out and get paid one hour if project is not for you. Release, Confidentiality and Non-Compete Agreement will be required. Strictly Work for Hire per piece (No Royalty or Rights to the work convey to the artist.) 2021 UPDATE: Thanks artist for the response so far! We are sorting through the applications and will reach out soon with replies. Anticipating our first online group introduction meeting by Mid-March. NOTE: please include your ability to submit your artwork in electronic file format: PNG JPEG GIF Thanks to all who have applied, I'm excited to work with you.