Tennant moved in June 1, 2020 with lease to rent with option to buy.
Understanding was house is reduced in price and is an "as is" deal.
Rent is $550/mo. Payment was to increase to $750/mo Staring in November. $550
rent and $200 applied to pricipal. 0% interest.
Tennant made one rent payment. Nothing since.
Tennant blocked my number and will not contact me.
Filed a complaint with the local magistrate and case was dismissed because the
magistrate said this type of complaint must go to common pleas.
Common Pleas requires certain "rules of procedure" with which I am not familiar.
I was told that a "complaint in ejectment" is the way to go.
Others told me that is not the correct procedure.
I need to know which way to proceed in Common Pleas, and need the forms created that I can take to the filing desk.
I am a home owner...not an attorney.