Need a painting of God , the Dove, and Jesus on the cross, with Mary and St Joseph and a lamb on the bottom of the cross.
See picture. for example: God's cloak on the left should be same as in the right. Then under the Jesus arms on the cross add picture of the Lamb, Mother Mary and St Joseph. I had a good graphic art guy in california who did work for me but have not seen him since 2007.
You can use graphic art skills or paint anew. SIze of painting: open, maybe not more than 13 inches by 30 inches .
Thank you for your interest and replies and appreciate your skills, but this is a serious sacred art work to be used for prayers, if you could not match similar to the sample quality, please do not respond. See sample. If you do graphics, must be high resolution. Thank you. God will Bless your work.
Most Holy Trinity.jpg
modifying the picture, God's cloak should be the same, Left side should be like right side. Then...