I'm looking to create a special gift for my fiance, Steven. This portrait will include of picture of him with all of his children. He has 5 children:
Martell - 26
Stephan - 24
Marteea - 24
Major - 10
Jayden - 7

Since I don't have a family photo with all of them together, the artist will need to use photos of each person. Steven owns a blue Ford F-150. I thought it would be cool to have all of his kids hanging in the cab and maybe have Steve sitting on the hood. The header should read "Dad." At the bottom, I would like it to say, "The greatest gift, We ever had came from God, We call him Dad."

Portrait size would be: 16"x20" and view would be landscape. I would like it to be canvas art, but not sure if that was an option with this type of art.

This is just an idea, but I'm open to any suggestions.