I'm in need of a Letterer for a comic. I'm looking for someone who can bring a different type of flair to the book. The script is complete, The pencils inks and colors and cover are complete.

The Letterer is the final component for this project. I'm looking for someone who can be both creative and efficient and work within the specified deadline.

about the project:

The book is called Skrap

Its about the journey of a girl finally getting her black belt in traditional martial arts. she's immediately thrown into the deep end of the world of MMA. She quickly finds out that once you get your black belt, the game resets.

I'm attaching a few finished pages as well as the script for those pages if you would like to give me a sample of what you can do with my work. feel free to message me for more details on this project. I'm looking to hire pretty quickly. hope to hear from you soon.
issue 1.jpg
cover of the first issue
page 14
page 27
page 15
skrap letter test.docx
letter test script