Looking for a fun, quick, and hands-on project that invites you to explore the imagination of your inner-child throughout the content of the pages?

This may be the job for you!

In this soon coming children's tale, the woes of the animal kingdom are told through the eyes of a young meek lion that seeks nothing more than to be embraced for who he is. Little does he know that all the answers are hidden within him as he soon learns to embrace the love of his community - fellow animals from all walks of the wildlife diaspora tucked away in the pocket of the Sub-Sahara.

An artist that is skilled in the following is our cup of tea, but not a requirement:

- Has experience in animation
- Has experience with drawing concepts of people of color/other minorities and ethnic backgrounds
- Has a keen eye for color, orientation, and quirky storylines!

The completed manuscript will be around 20-32 pages in length. Animals inscribed will also be depicted doing humanistic-actions (walking, talking, wearing clothing, etc.).

This is one short story that covers the themes of self-esteem, the importance of community, and the journey through it all. It also has an educational incentive that is formatted to aid young readers with cultivating better English comprehension skills. This book is one that will be published in a digital format (for e-book sales) with a limited amount of physicals copies.

We're seeking color, expression, and an artist that is not afraid to share their insights or put their own spin on this colorful tale!

If this sounds like something that would be of interest to you, please apply for this job.
Please also include a brief description of your fixed rates and a short sentence describing why you love doing the artwork that you do.

Experienced - Advanced artists are preferred. Beginners are welcome!

We eagerly look forward to hearing from all interested applicants.