We are an English language publisher looking to hire an illustrator. The job is for several comic illustrations for an an Arabic language learning text.

The illustrations in this book consist of 16 full-page cartoon strips (fitting a 6x9” portrait page) and around 10 simple, single-panel spot illustrations — all in one color. It is important to note that the faces and scenes should be realistic, not in a manga or cartoon style. There will be speech bubbles in the full-page cartoons in both romanized Arabic and English text. The single-panel illustrations will picture very simple subjects such as a figure or two in simple poses and no dialogue.

It would help if you are familiar with Arabic dress and customs as we want the figures to be styled accurately and culturally sensitive. We would like the characters to have a contemporary look and appeal to our target readers who are college students and young working adults.

The fee is US$25 for each full-page illustration and US$15 for the spot (smaller) illustration — all black & white. This includes 2 rounds of changes after the drafts are received.

If you are interested, please apply for job.

We would like to get this started as soon as possible as the deadline to finish up would be on November 15. Please apply for job ASAP if you are interested.