Ideally a Colorado-based artist. Must love drawing HOUSES specifically.

Timing - next week or so. Quality is more important than timing. I'm not an artist so I don't have an honest idea of how long this might take.

Looking for a charming, picturesque, storybook style (soft/colorful/magical) picture of some colorful townhome cottages surrounding and facing a green space/garden instead of a street.

Attached quite a few examples which may be confusing if they don't all match eachother, but that is why I'm looking for an artist - to combine different aspects into one picture.

1. Layout / point of view -
A view from the outside into a little mini street of houses but instead of being centered around a street, they are centered around a garden / green space.
(Attachment 1 shows general point of view / layout)

2. Style - Illustration
Colorful, soft, drawing that you would see in a children's storybook or a christmas card (though perhaps slightly more detailed) or a little colorful european street painting. Should be soft and cute, meant to invoke a spirit of love, magic and togetherness.

Should be surreal / abstract /fantastical enough to look like a kid's book, but detailed /realistic enough for an adult to be able to picture a real house or neighborhood.

(Attachment 2 shows style examples).

Do not want it to look too digital like a software program created the entire thing.

3. House style

Houses should generally be 2 or 3 story townhomes.
Porches and balconies woven in.
Maybe a couple one story cottages if it's not too difficult to work into the overall picture.
No garages shown in picture.
Coordinated color theme (white and neturals / red and blue / a little bit of yellow).

Attachment 3 shows general house styles and color theme but these would be simplified for an illustration.

4. Details.

Some people walking around, sitting, walking, talking, or playing. Maybe a dog or 2.
Centered around garden / green space.
Multiple strands of lights from one side to the other and a string of Colorado pendant flags (See Attachment 4).
Picture 1 - General layout point of view examples.jpg
Attachment 1 - General layout and point of view
Attachment 2 - Picturesque but Detailed Style.jpg
Attachment 2 - Illustration Style Examples
Attachment 3 - General house design.jpg
Attachment 3 - General House Design to be drawn
Attachment 4 - string lights and colorado flags.jpg
Attachment 4 - Details examples - string lights and Colorado penant flags