I need nine illustrations to accompany an animated historical video of fourteen minutes, “The Conquest of Racism”. If you are interested, I will send you the script, which may be summed up as: “There is nothing about the Western (that is to say, white) exploration, conquest and transformation of the world to lead anyone to believe that they are a superior race.” If it is ready, I will send you the video as well.

These illustrations are for the pilot video of a seven-episode series, the next six of which will go into greater detail of what is presented in this first video (and for which additional illustrations will be needed). Ideally, the illustrations and logo will be suitable for animation.


1.) Flags of the Western nations atop the globe, a blonde/blue man in shining armor in their midst, with rays of light behind him.

2.) Westerners presenting their paltry goods for trade on a blanket, opposite the goods presented by a vizier/chief/mandarin, and being laughed at.

3.) Native warriors in a protective circle around their families.

4.) Three kings in a circle, each holding a sword against one of the other's throat, while eyeing the king holding a sword against his own.

5.) Two kings confronting one another, one with a sword at the other's throat, who pathetically holds out a dagger toward him.

6.) A conquistador looking at native peoples dying of disease around him, while thinking of how back home in Spain his family and community had been afflicted by the very same diseases.

7.) Cortez whispering in Pizarro's ear.

8.) People arranged so as to suggest equality and cooperation.

Additionally, a logo is needed, which will be animated.

This should be completed within two weeks of the date of agreement.