Not sure if i can afford your work but i am a small start up business in waterloo  and i am doing web pages with young  students of conestoga college and also from some friends in india
I am just a factory worker  in waterloo but i am 64 years old and so trying to retire with some online business

I have 1 web page done for kitchen countertops this is a business i do sale and get a commission
I have no shops or machinery   or show room just sample and a web page i go to people home take measurements  show samples 
I   WILL advertise get a client take the order pass it to the bigger guy and get a commission but the jobs  done on my company name

I  was looking for a good marketing person who can join me in advising how to market this webpage  and also more web pages we are building

now this web page i have a very small  budget,what i need is SEO and social media or how to push this web page,
The second web page i can give you a small money and commission on the profit this is what all the developers well get  a small amount to do the web page commission on the registration fees per member and shares the profits we receive