We are the design and marketing provider for a Singapore-based agri-tech company that is involved in a farm project in New Zealand. On behalf of our client, we are looking for a photographer who can work directly with us to conduct stills and videos of the farm.

We would like to request for a quotation of your photography services for this shoot, based on our brief description below:

Location of the farm is Matangi, Tamahere, NZ
Estimated shooting date: September 2020
Outdoor shoot, daylight, clear weather
Subject is the farm and its newly built moving gully system (MGS)
Areal drone flyby of farm (if possible)
People working on the farm, utilizing the MGS (wide, medium, and tight shots; minimum 4-5 scenes)
The MGS in acton (wide and tight shots; minimum 3-4 scenes)
Interview with owner of the farm on location

Estimated shoot days: 2-3 full days