Beautify Bragg Creek Mural

Looking to have an interactive local wildlife mural installed on the west side wall of “One Of A Kind” in the Main Mall off of Balsam Avenue. The Mural must be painted on boards and put together on site and installed on the wall. The size of the mural will be approximately 10’H x 20’L. The purpose of the mural is to beatify the hamlet with an interactive mural that visitors to the area can take photos with and enhance the visitor experience, while creating social media exposure for Bragg Creek.

Association Requesting Proposal
Bragg Creek & Area Chamber of Commerce

Contact Person
Jennifer Jurkowski

Elements of Proposal
Proposals should include a picture of a completed piece of artwork done by artist applying, a rough sketch of the potential design of the Beautify Bragg Creek Mural proposed. *Please note that the rough draft of mural can be subject to some tweaks and changes should it be the selected mural. Artists living in the local and surrounding area need only apply.

A timeline artist would expect the project to take from start to finish.

Commission fees for completed project.

Proposal Deadline
Apply for job by August 31, 2020 by 11:59pm