Looking for three character pictures. They are for a online roleplaying game supplement (for DM's guild in Dungeons and Dragons) which brings firearms such as muskets and old fashioned pistols into the game.

3 characters needed - Active positions if possible.

1. A musketeer with a musket in firing pose, other weapons also ready.

2. A highwayman - a figure firing a pistol, potentially drawing another pistol, with an extra few pistols on their person.

3. A grenade throwing character (in the parlance of the game, they are a rogue that I've called a saboteur) using historical grenades, or potentially setting up a keg of gunpowder to explode.

I would like two women and one man, or vice versa. If you know fantasy species, I'd like a tough looking human for the musketeer, a elf or tiefling for the highwayman, and a gnome or halfling for the saboteur.

I'm also looking at using the three images next to each other for the front page, with the title of the book over the top.

I am not certain about the rates for commissioning this sort of work, so please contact me with quotes if possible.